LED BOTTLE LIGHTS - 10 (Pack of 6)

LED BOTTLE LIGHTS - 10  (Pack of 6)

If you are looking for bottle led lights then we have the answer for you.   Don't throw away your old bottles - turn them into beautiful lamps - place anywhere.

We have bottle lights with wire strings. It comes in a variety of colours.  Currently, have amber, blue, pink, clear white, green, warm white and red, and magic colour (multi colour)

The pack of six also comes with replaceable batteries - fantastic value.

These are our most trending collection of a very fine wire string with tiny but super bright LEDs along the wire, powered by a cork shape which sits in the top of the bottle just like a cork. You can select from our range of different colours to suit the occasion and mood of the party. They can be used anywhere inside the house or even outside to give the most pleasing and beautiful lighting experience. For romantic dates or parties on rooftops, these are an ideal solution instead of candles. The wired LEDs are so effective and convenient to use that they can be put in any of the bottles of your choice. Now you can store different shaped beautiful bottles instead of throwing them away and put in the LED wire and use the combination differently each time for a varied experience.

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